Thursday, August 31, 2006


My Rating : 2.5/5
Genre : Comedy / Romance

So this is my first time when I am starting any blog and I am starting it with "100 girls". Today only I watched out this movie, its really a nice piece and I give it 3 out of 5.
The movie is centered around the guy Matthew (Jonathan Tucker) studying in some college who accidently made love with some girl in the college lift when the lights were off, he was not able to see the girl's face.
He wanted to know about that girl, for this he take the help of his friend Wendy(Larisa Olyenik). In the process of finding his love he meet Patty(Emanuelle Chriqui), and save her from her cruel boyfriend Crick(Johnny Green). In his findings he meet many girls Arlene, Cynthia, Dora etc. One night Matt and Patty have sex but Patty couldnt find the true love in Matt's eyes, she felt that Matt loves the unknown girl.
During the end of the semester Matt realise that its not easy to find her love. So he expresses his love for the unknown girl in front of all the college girls. Every girl gets impressed by his words. So it get more difficult to find his love and then he realise that he is loosing his true love, that is Patty for a unknown girl. Thus he go to his real love and the movie ends with a happy ending.
The scene I liked the most is the one when Matt expresses his love at the girls hostel, his words were really amazing and are sufficient to make a girl fall in love with him.

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