Thursday, August 31, 2006

Romantic poems collection - 1

I was a failure--a loser
How much I hated myself
I was labeled a loser
I roamed the streets but a non-entity

No acheivements had I made
I never could find success key
My teenage years were saga of defeats
My dad was never proud of me

I was like an obtuse
Coming under bully's odious gaze
Even my teachers made fun of me
So tired of life I became

I knew it wasn't them, it was me whow was wrong
I was destined to play the part of a loser in this show
I had no confidence left in myself
My self esteem was very very low

I was a joke among my friends
Was a target of every bully
On my family I was an insult
Why was i born there--I often cried regretfully

But now that you are in my world
I actually feel complete
Its unbeleivable for me still now
This was something that I just hoped to acheive

Before -- I just mourned
Cried alone in my room
But now that i have you
There is someone there to listen to stupid me.

Someone is there to coax me, encourage me
Someone is there to listen to me
Someone is there to defeat my indomitable depression
Make me feel wanted or even special!

Someone I've found
Who appreciates me for what I am
Someone now exists
Who loves me for what I am

So much important you have become to me
I just cant explain!
I salute you, I love you, I cherish you
I know you'll always be there.
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Anurag said...

You writ ereally nice an romantic poems. I really liiked them.